Daily Joke – Baby Names

July 17, 2006

Baby Names

A man and woman marry after a brief courtship and all is well for a time. Eventually they are blessed with child. The woman’s time comes, and as she is taken into the operating room, she calls the husband over.

“Honey, there’s something I really have to tell you. There is as an very old tradition in our families that the oldest living male gets to name any new children born to anyone in the family.

That means my brother must name our first child. I know this comes as a shock, but I couldn’t tell you earlier, because I didn’t want to upset you.”

“But, but…” sputters the husband “I know your brother. Wasn’t he injured in the war? There’s no question but that he’ll screw this up!”

“I’m sorry” says the wife, “but that’s the way it has to be.”

“All right” he sighs, “what did your brother name our daughter?”

“Denise,” says the mother, quietly, and the husband sighs in relief.

Just then the doctor informs them that they are about to be parents of male and female twins.

“Oh no”, sighs the woman.

“What is it, love?”
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