Daily Joke – The Atheist

August 1, 2006

The Atheist

A self professed Atheist, hiking in the woods ran across a bear that begins to chase him. When he cannot get away from the bear, running, he falls and the bear approaches. As the bear is about to attack, he yells out, “Oh, my God! Help!”

Suddenly, time freezes. The stream stops, the wind is still, and the bear freezes.

All of a sudden a cloud lowers to the earth and a voice billows out of it. “After all these years, you claim to be an atheist Now, at your darkest hour you call my name. What shall I do with you, shall you call yourself a Christian after all these years?”

The Atheist replied, “Your right. After all these years, it would be hypocritical of me to proclaim Christianity when I am not one. But I’ll tell you what, how about making the bear a Christian, and that should solve the problem.”

“Right”, the voice said, “you’ve got it.” And the cloud disappeared.

Just then, the stream started flowing, the wind began blowing, and the bear began to move. All of a sudden, the bear stopped clawing at the man, fell to his knees and brought his paws together. And said,
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