Daily Poem – Burning Towers, Standing Wall

August 25, 2006

Burning Towers, Standing Wall

  (Tabasco Province, Mexico)
by Forrest Gander


At sunset the surface of the wall gleams gold gleaming
and seems from even a short distance a smooth
impenetrable force swelling forward to meet the light
or the gaze of the visitor to the Maya ruin and locals
offer their service as guides or show what they mean
to sell in a mixed language of numbers and night
disperses everyone but insects crawling into fissures
in the crumble, field stones and mortar and flat
stacking stones, which divide what from what once

So doves come, a spotted turkey, iguana and
lately a pair of trogons to sit like lords on the ruin
where rocks flake away in rain and birdshit
in which seeds set, shell-stripped in the bellies
of the birds or wind-sown, sending up
stem and aigrette into unkind light and wind
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