Sun Pushes Through Mist

sun pushes through mist
tai chi dancers move as one
morning in shanghai

—Steve Smith
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Daily Poem – Mentor

October 12, 2006


Timothy Murphy
        For Robert Francis
Had I known, only known
when I lived so near,
I’d have gone, gladly gone
foregoing my fear
of the wholly grown
and the nearly great.
But I learned alone,
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Daily Joke – Measurements

October 12, 2006


A group of managers were given the assignment to measure the height of a flagpole. So, they go out to the flagpole with ladders and tape measures. Soon, they’re falling off the ladders, dropping the tape measures…the whole thing is just a mess.

An engineer comes along and sees what they’re trying to do. He casually pulls the flagpole out of the ground, lays it down on the ground, and measures it from end to end. Then he gives the measurement to one of the managers and walks away.

After the engineer has gone, one manager turns to the other and laughs, “Isn’t that just like an engineer…
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Landscape Halved

The landscape is halved
    fog slumps across the valley
 carrying the night

—Audaye Elesedy
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Amoretti and Epithalamion

by Spenser, Edmund 1552-1599

SOng made in lieu of many ornaments,
With which my loue should duly haue bene dect,
Which cutting off through hasty accidents,
Ye would not stay your dew time to expect,
But promist both to recompens,
Be vnto her a goodly ornament,
And for short time an endlesse moniment.
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The Internet

My kids love going to the Web, and they keep track of their passwords by writing them on Post-it notes.

I noticed their Disney password was “GoofyMickeyMinniePluto” and so I asked why it was so long.
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