Daily Poem – Homesick

June 16, 2014


By Terry Molinari

For the sight of you putting flowers in vases.
For you face peeping over the windows of The house in Rochester.
For the small boy I was.
For your hands on my face.
For trips to the diner at three a.m.
For seeing your face light up
With a new found treasure.
For the smell of Spring in my youth.
For watching you read on the big leather couch.
For the way you set the table.
For time with you above the clouds.
For the sound of your voice when you wake up.
For Pound Sweet apples and strawberry fields.
For the sight of your face in the night.
For nights without sleep.
For watching you give the dog a bath.
For your touch.
For wood fires.
For rainy days.
For the man I could be.
For turning 17.
For Spring afternoons in the park.
For a snowstorm in November.
For your voice calling my name.
Calling my name.
–Calling my name.
—-Calling my name.


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