Daily Poem – Rain

September 5, 2014

The Placate Sound of Continuance by Coliepolie

Upon the rooftop the rainstorm taps,
Placate sound of continuance,
The sound now has you in a trap,
Of blissful self resemblance.

The swooshing of the rapid gutter,
Dreamy is your mind’s soft mutter,
It reminds you of a time now gone,
How strongly you kept pushing on.

The twirling of the weather vane,
You once had lacked much self restraint,
A force was there that kept you sane,
The whirl of it is now too faint.

Forlorn you saw the thoughts became,
The yearning of the past is bare.
Freely you let them take their claim,
The mind of yours is now their lair.

Now every night you lay to a rest,
Upon a fluffy pillow puff,
So fluffy yet to your detest,
There is no pillow soft enough.

Your mind a scatter of remorse,
Wide awake your conscience keeps you,
Anguished you’re filled, without a course,
What you’ve done now haunts you through.

Now softly the rainstorm taps above,
The placate sound now calming you,
It falls upon and like a dove,
The peace of it now calming you


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