Daily Poem – Monday Morning Blues

September 8, 2014

The keys are in the refrigerator,
The IPod’s in my boot,
And I am running late for work,
The toast is in my suit.

No coffee in the percolator,
Just water, very hot,
Now what is it I have to do?
Oh, Lord, I just forgot.

My shoes are in the elevator,
My socks are in the shoes,
And I am getting dizzy,
With the Monday morning blues.

The phone is in the garburator,
My lunch is in the sink,
And though my day has just begun,
I think I need a drink.

My foot is on the accelerator,
My brain is back at home,
My hair is falling in my eyes,
I think I need a comb.

And I am no exaggerator,
Each week is just the same,
For every Monday I wake up,
And play the same old game.

by David Ronald Bruce Pekrul


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