Daily Poem – Faded Glory

September 13, 2014

By Cean Scott Molinari

The beach on this early morn
Last night’s sandman
Barely banished
Gritty-eyed insomniacs
Few and scattered
Wandered the Sandy spit.

Mostly old and mostly stout
These women
Linked arms and strolled
The dawn lit beach
Murmuring of
The wayward and droll.

The rise and fall
Of their measured voices
Sweet and soothing
The tempo
Echoed the lull of
The breaking waves.

Now and then
These pensioners, wobbly but
Rascals still
Shrieking with delight
Mimicked the seabird’s calls
High above.

First maidens, then mothers
Now crones
Completing life’s cycle
Wondering aloud
At their stalwart

Below their high-rolled britches
Tracings of blue
Whispered of
Another time.
These lines and swirls
Tangled about veins
Become weary.

Were in truth
Blurred ink
Ink that once
Their outlaw and glorious

Faded Glory By Cean Scott Molinari


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