Daily Poem – A Poem For Rotten Kids

October 31, 2014

Young Johnny murdered all his friends.
He brought them all to grisly ends.
‘Twere some he stabbed and some he shot,
And some he clubbed and left to rot.

When Johnny saw what he had done
He knew he’d have to hide his fun.
He would be in jail forever
If Mom saw the limbs he’d severed.

So Johnny put them in a pile—
Stacked every corpse of every child—
And doused them all in gasoline
To cover up his murder scene.

Too bad for Johnny and his plan—
He stood too near the petrol can.
So when he bent to strike the match
Up Johnny went like dryest thatch.

So when you build a fun’ral pyre
To cover crimes by cleansing fire
There’s one important thing to do:
Make sure you don’t get fuel on you.

Some Rotten Poetry for Halloween


One Response to “Daily Poem – A Poem For Rotten Kids”

  1. Through the Looking Glass Says:

    Reblogged this on Pot-pourri and commented:
    Reminded me of poems by Roald Dahl

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